The Lowry arts venue in Manchester implements on-demand support for staff and volunteers

Salford UK 06 Aug 2023 two ladies employee's standing with there backs to the camera with the Lowry theatre logo on the backs of there purple jackets

The Lowry, one of the largest arts venues outside London, has chosen Ashia from Frog Systems to help support the mental health and wellbeing of its staff and volunteers.

In total 650 employees and volunteers, aged between 18 to 94 years old, will have access to Ashia – a wellbeing streaming service providing on-demand content and resources across 16 areas of mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing.

This includes 1000s of personal stories, videos, podcasts, films and digital resources plus a directory of support organisations in the UK.

Ripple effect

Based in Salford, The Lowry is a charity committed to using visual and performing arts to enrich people’s lives. The multi-platform arts venue focuses on trying to reach some of the hardest-to-reach communities and is still in a period of recovery following the Covid pandemic and the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Phil Worms, CEO of Frog Systems, said: “It’s been a tough time for the arts in general in recent years and The Lowry has not been immune. We are delighted to support the staff and volunteers who are in turn helping The Lowry to brighten the lives of so many others in the wider community.”

Julia Fawcett, CEO of The Lowry, said: “It’s so important we continue to do all we can to support the mental health and wellbeing of our staff and volunteers. Bringing Ashia on board as a tool for them to access is another proactive way we can look to do this. I hope everyone at The Lowry finds it of use.”

The bigger picture

Ashia will sit alongside an in-house counselling service and an employee engagement platform to provide an holistic package of freely available support that staff and volunteers can draw on for help at any time of the day or night.

In addition to supportive content and connecting staff and volunteers from The Lowry with useful services and organisations, Ashia will also provide them with regular discounts on everyday wellbeing products and treats, such as cinema tickets, healthy eating and wellness apps.

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