How The Pandemic Has Changed Attitudes to Workplace Benefits

In so many ways, the pandemic has turned our worlds upside down. A new report suggests that as a result, employees’ attitudes to workplace benefits have been affected.

The survey of 750 UK employees by Cezanne HR produced these key findings:

  • Employees aged 54+ years view healthcare as the most important benefit
  • 98% of employers believe they have the responsibility for influencing the health and behaviour of employees
  • 42% of businesses are already making plans to change their benefits programme due to the pandemic

According to the research, while “enhanced leave” scored as only the 8th most important benefit in 2018, it was considered the most important in 2021. When looking at the broad insights, “Healthcare and insurance” came in a close second place

Of course not everyone feels the same when it comes to choosing what benefits they want from their workplace. Interestingly, when you drill down into the insights, whilst “healthcare and insurance” come out as men’s number one priority, for women it is “enhanced leave”. This might reflect the fact that in many cases, women have taken on the bulk of caring responsibilities during the pandemic, whilst also juggling work.

You can view the full research here.

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